Artist’s Workshop : Juan Jose Cambre

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Welcome in Juan Jose Cambre’s workshop. For more than forty years, Juan José Cambre has been obsessed with paint and its immediate possibilities in terms of texture, colour and representation. His practice, a stubborn vocation, is grounded in an historical acknowledgement of the medium’s variations across times and territories. In the beginning, this need to paint offered so many possibilities in brush strokes and layering that Cambre was lost in a world of matter, where everything seemed possible and, on occasions, collided.
It took time and introspection to subdue this zest for the plasticity of the medium, eventually achieving the subtlety of delicate layers or glazes visible in his current work. From expressionist human figures in the 1980s through to still lifes in the 1990s, his work has evolved into austere canvases: fields of colour in space where elliptical figures refer back to his earlier still lifes.

Producteur : Mediart

Year : 2017

Country : France

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